What Is A Tech In Basketball

What Is A Tech In Basketball

What Is A Tech In Basketball

Technology is essential when it comes to basketball. From tracking statistics to video editing, the sport of basketball relies on a lot of technology to be successful. In this article, we will take a look at five examples of how technology has shaped and helped improve basketball. Whether it’s providing easier access to player and team stats or helping coaches make better decisions, technology has had a massive impact on the game.

What is a tech in basketball?

In basketball, a tech is a foul that is called when a player commits an illegal move that costs his team possession of the ball. This can be anything from stepping out of bounds to holding the ball too long. The purpose of the tech is to gain possession of the ball for the opponent, and it is usually given as a warning first, followed by a technical foul if the violation continues.

There are several different techs that a basketball referee can call, and they all have different purposes. A basic tech includes grabbing or holding someone on the ground without giving them a chance to get up. This can stop a player from getting past half-court, and it’s also used to call for a lane violation. Another type of tech involves goaltending the ball. If someone tries to catch or shoot the ball while it’s in midair and it goes out of bounds, that person will get goaltended. Finally, there are charging calls – if someone charges towards another player aggressively, they will get called for aggression.

Types of Techs in Basketball

There are a variety of technologies that basketball teams use in order to improve their play. Below, we will outline some of the most popular techs used in basketball.

BIG DATA: One of the most popular technologies used in basketball is big data. This technology uses large amounts of data to help teams improve their performance on the court. Big data can be used to identify player tendencies, track player movements, and create better gameplans.

VIDEO ANALYSIS: Video analysis is another popular technology used in basketball. This technique uses video footage to help coaches make better decisions on the court. Video analysis can be used to scout opponents, diagnose problems, and create game plans based off of information gathered from video scouting.

TECHNOLOGY DESIGN & DEVELOPMENT: Technology design and development is also a popular area of study for basketball teams. This field covers everything from developing software to designing new basketball equipment. By using these technologies, teams can improve their overall performance on the court.

How to use techs in basketball

In today’s NBA, more and more teams are relying on technology to help them win games. Below, we will list 5 techs that can help your team win.

1. ShotTracker: ShotTracker is a shooting tool that tracks player shot data including accuracy, distance, speed and angle. This information can be used by coaches to make better defensive decisions and tweak offensive schemes accordingly.

2. MyPlayer: MyPlayer is EA Sports’ proprietary player tracking system that allows users to track their stats across all platforms (PS4/Xbox One/PC). This system can be extremely beneficial for players who want to improve their overall game knowledge andStats.

3. StatMuse: StatMuse is a basketball analytics software program created by Second Spectrum which provides in-depth statistical analysis of player performance. This information can be especially useful for coaches who want to learn about their team’s tendencies and weaknesses.

4. SportVU: SportVU is an innovative camera technology used by many NBA teams to track spatial data such as player location, ball movement and defender positioning. This information can be used by coaches to make better strategic decisions on the court and devise better offensive plans.

5. Next Generation Stats: Next Generation Stats is a website and app that provides real-time stat tracking for fans of all sports including basketball


A tech in basketball is a player who specializes in using technology to improve their game. They may use devices such as tablets and phones to scout opponents, track stats, or communicate with teammates. As the game of basketball becomes more and more reliant on technology, a tech in basketball will become an even more important part of the team.

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