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We accept these topics:

Technology, business, health, beauty, fashion and lifestyle.

The following topics were not accepted:

Articles about gambling, gambling, drugs online, vaping, love, religion, and weapons.


You will need to create unique, non-promotional, informational and plagiarized-free articles.

Your article must be at least 600 words in length and should have been written from scratch.

There are only two do-follow links per page.

Upward Times – Write for us

We are grateful that you visited the upwardtimes.com Write For Us page. While we appreciate your interest in writing to us, there are some limitations. Contribute to our collective understanding. If you have knowledge or insight in any of these areas or themes, please consider writing an article for us.
Write articles about “what,” ‘How-to,” ‘Tips, or “Top List” topics for our website. You should only include content that has been extensively researched and that is based upon polls, surveys and research conducted by the respected platform. “Write for Us + Technology” refers to “write for us with tech.”
It is a great feeling to feel inspired. But what about plagiarism? It’s not possible. Recommendations that are completely original and written with passion would not be accepted. If you discuss another work, please give credit to the author. Plagiarized content will not be allowed to remain on the site. “Write For Us + General” refers to “write for us with any niche.”
You are limited in the number of words that you can include in an article. Any article that is more than 1000 words will be sufficient. We also place more emphasis on specific topics, niches, and themes that are relevant for our website’s SEO.

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These guidelines are essential in order to get your content published. These guidelines will help you write for us. No matter what topic you choose, these guidelines will work for all content types. To make a lasting impression on readers, whether you’re using guest-posting platforms or sponsored posts, it is important to maintain high quality content. These are some helpful tips for creating content for us.

High Quality Content To Write For Us

  • It is important that content be original and high-quality.
  • Before content can be considered for publication, it must be clear of any plagiarism.
  • Original content and educational content are essential.
  • It is not a good idea to promote content.


You can send your guest post to upwardtimes@gmail.com.

These steps will apply to your sponsored or guest post.

  • Ideas Vibe is now the best time to submit your article if you have guest-posted or sponsored it.
  • This article will help you to navigate the entire process step-by-step from submission to publication of your guest blog.
  • Our editorial team will read your guest blog if you send it to us by email.
  • Uploading Google documents is the best option, as it allows editors to provide feedback. The editor will review your article and send it to our team for more scrutiny if they feel that it conforms with our standards.
  • Every week, the review team meets. The team of reviewers will discuss your guest post. If your guest post is selected by the team for publication, the editor will contact you. The editor will collaborate with you to address any feedback from the reviewers.
  • Once you have replied to your comments, we will return the post.
  • We will review the changes and see if you have addressed all issues.
  • If your guest blog is selected for publication, the editor will notify you via email. We’ll send you the URL of your article after publication.

We invite you to write guest posts for us. To be considered guest posts, however, they must meet our standards. You are welcome to submit articles if you have the ability to produce interesting content. After we receive approval from our editorial team, we will publish your sponsored article and notify you via email.


Every person, regardless of race, religion, gender, sexual orientation or color, can contribute to guest posts or sponsored blog posts under our non-discrimination policies. Our non-discrimination policy is strictly adhered to. Our society has been suffering from discrimination and harassment for centuries. This must be stopped. All are welcome to contribute to this writing and to join the Ideas Vibe community.


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