12 Kitchen Cabinet Refacing Ideas to Give Your Space a New Look

12 Kitchen Cabinet Refacing Ideas to Give Your Space a New Look

When it comes to revamping your kitchen, cabinet refacing is a cost-effective and eco-friendly alternative to a full renovation. By updating the exterior of your cabinets, you can achieve a fresh and stylish look without the hefty price tag.  

According to Forbes, as of June 2023, the average cost of refacing kitchen cabinets is $1,350 to $12,500, depending on the size of the kitchen. This is significantly less than the cost of replacing all the cabinets, which is around $24,600. Refacing also has a lighter environmental footprint since you aren’t sending old cabinets to the landfill. Homeowners who want to update their kitchens on a budget can opt for cabinet refacing.

From modern to traditional to rustic chic, you can achieve the look you want with cabinet refacing. Today, we will explore 12 creative kitchen cabinet-refacing ideas that will breathe new life into your space.

DIY vs. Hiring a Contractor 

When starting a kitchen cabinet refacing project, one of the first decisions is whether to handle it as a DIY project or hire a professional contractor. Certain straightforward cabinet upgrades, like painting and adding new hardware, can be done independently. However, if you want to change cabinet doors or drawer fronts, it’s wise to consider hiring a contractor. They have the expertise to properly remove and install new doors and ensure smooth functionality. 

Here is a quick rundown of the pros and cons of DIY versus hiring a professional for a cabinet refacing job:

DIY Cabinet Refacing


  • More affordable 
  • Total control over the project
  • Sense of accomplishment from completing work yourself


  • Potential for imperfect results if inexperienced
  • Time-consuming if you are not a pro 
  • May require help from a professional if anything goes wrong

Hiring a Professional for Cabinet Refacing 


  • Expert installation for smooth functioning 
  • High-quality results 
  • Project completed within a given period


  • More expensive than DIY
  • Less control over project details

DIY refacing is a great option for small-scale updates like paint and hardware replacement. But consider hiring a professional to ensure the best results for major changes like new doors or finishes.

11 Cabinet Refacing Ideas

Now let’s explore some of the kitchen cabinet refacing ideas with which you can give your space a fresh look:

1. Paint Cabinets with a Bold Color

Painting cabinets is one of the simplest ways to transform the look of your kitchen. A few coats in a bold, saturated hue can make your cabinets look brand new. Try a deep blue or green for a trendy, moody vibe. Or opt for a cheerful yellow if you want an upbeat cottage kitchen. Be sure to use cabinet-grade paint for a smooth, durable finish.

2. Whitewash Cabinets 

Whitewash cabinets by mixing water with white paint to a certain level (go through tutorials to get a clear idea of how to do it). A rough idea is to apply a coat so the wood grain on the cabinets is visible. This weathered finish is perfect for evoking breezy beach house or farmhouse kitchen styles. Pair whitewashed cabinets with open shelving, rattan pendants, and butcher block counters for a coastal kitchen aesthetic.

3. Two-Tone Trend

Experiment with the two-tone trend using different colors for upper and lower cabinets. This approach adds depth and visual intrigue to your kitchen while allowing you to play with contrasting shades.

4. Sleek Modern Minimalism

Embrace a modern aesthetic with flat-panel cabinet doors and minimalist hardware. Use neutral tones like gray, black, or beige for a sophisticated, uncluttered appearance. 

5. Open Shelving Hybrid

You can also opt to integrate open shelves alongside refaced cabinets. This approach enables you to display decorative items or frequently used kitchenware while maintaining the benefits of closed storage.

6. Swap Out Drawer Fronts Too

Don’t stop at the doors – upgrading drawer fronts makes a noticeable difference. Switching to drawer fronts featuring interesting materials like beadboard, metal mesh, or bamboo veneer can add personality. Make sure new drawer fronts are precisely measured to fit existing drawer boxes.

7. Metallic Touches

Incorporate metallic finishes like brushed gold, stainless steel, or copper for a touch of luxury. These accents can be applied to hardware, edge banding, or even cabinet insets to create a lavish atmosphere.

8. Add Trim for Definition

You can give flat cabinet fronts more definition by affixing trim pieces. Try topping cabinets with wide horizontal planks stained with a contrasting color. Or accent doors and drawers with strips of molding on the edges. Wainscoting-style beadboard paneling on cabinet sides also adds a charming texture.

9. Patterned Perfection

Explore patterned or textured cabinet doors to introduce an element of surprise to your kitchen. Geometric patterns, herringbone textures, or subtle floral designs can elevate your space’s style quotient.

10. Install New Hardware for Impact

Sometimes, just switching out cabinet hardware makes cabinets look brand new. Swap outdated brass knobs for modern matte black pulls or vintage-inspired porcelain knobs. Ensure new hardware fits existing holes, or prepare to fill gaps and drill new ones. Ensuring proper hardware throughout the kitchen ties everything together.

11. Refinish Wood Tones 

You can refinish cabinet wood tones without replacing doors for a refreshed look. Use gel stain to go darker while retaining wood grain. Bleaching opens up color options like whitewash or light driftwood gray. Finish with a clear coat for sheen and protection. Refinishing takes patience but offers dramatic results.

12. Glass Inserts

Swap out some cabinet panels with glass inserts for a touch of elegance and to break up the visual monotony. It allows you to display your cherished dishes or decorative items while adding an airy feel to the space.


Refacing your kitchen cabinets is an affordable step for revitalizing the look of your kitchen. From a simple coat of paint to replacing doors and drawers, cabinet refacing ideas can help you achieve almost any style. Thoroughly prep existing cabinet surfaces so the new finishes adhere properly. With some creativity and elbow grease, you can give your kitchen a whole new look without the cost of full cabinet replacement. A cabinet refresh will let you fall in love with your kitchen again.

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