A Simple Guide To Migrating PST Files

A Simple Guide To Migrating PST Files

Currently, there are better mediums in the corporate world than PST files to store data. Therefore, corporations are going for PST migration that assists in mitigating the issues pertaining to PST files. You should find someone who assists users through the workflow process. Before seeing a complete guide to migrating PST files, let’s see what PST files are. 

What are PST Files? 

PST stands for Personal Storage Table, which stores calendars, message copies, contacts, and much more on the user’s system on Outlook. When users create accounts on Microsoft Outlook, a PST file is created by default.

Issues with PST files

There are many issues pertaining to PST files in the corporate world, and that’s why migrating PST files is an option every company should look into. Here are some of the issues:

They are non-compliant as they 

  • Have no centralized management
  • Have an insecure format
  • Have highly sensitive information
  • Are unreliable as they are susceptible to corruption

The Solution

Migration of PST files to a centralized system by using PSTComplete, Office 365, Mimecast,  or other care providers ensures the application of maximum speed and timeliness. 

Possible Limitations 

The complete process can be time-consuming. You need the technical knowledge to complete the go on with the migration. Moreover, only some regions support PST migration. Areas other than the United States, Germany, Brazil, Canada, the UK, France, Switzerland, India, Norway, East Africa, Europe, Japan, Australia, UAE, and the Republic of Korea don’t support these methods. 

Moreover, it is only possible to migrate files that are 150MB. Even if your computer’s screen resolution is set to 1366X768, you will face issues during migration.

How to Find a PST File

If you are not aware of where you will find an existing PST file on your computer, the following steps will guide you:

  • for windows 7 or 10, type in the search bar
  • Windows Vista: Select Start and find the search window in the upper right corner.
  • Locate the desired PST during your examination. Select the PST file you were considering, and then select OK.

Benefits of PST Migration 

PST Project Governance Migration

It is entirely automated, as it has the templates and required PST tools for migration. This ensures a smooth workflow throughout the process. You can see what is being migrated, for whom it is being migrated, and potential failures. 

PST Migrations Meeting Timelines of the Project 

It is built on the Cloudficient Platform. Moreover, technology that pertains to PSTComplete scales to link to the PST migration requirements, such as the migration of thousands of users across the region.

Minimized PST Migration Resources

There is no requirement to configure, procure and maintain hardware. This allows organizations to cut down on-premise data centers.

Methods of Migrating Outlook PST Files

You must select the methods that import PST to Office 365 according to the quantity of your PST Outlook files. Let’s see the four ways.

  1. Import through Outlook Export Wizard 

You can use this migration method when you want to import a small number of PST files to migrate to Office 365.

  1. Use the AzureAZ Copy Tool to Upload

This method will be handy for you if you have several PST files that you need to migrate. To avoid performance hurdles, import up to 20 GB at a time. 

  1. Transfer the PST Drive to Microsoft

You can ship large files on an encrypted hard drive to Microsoft. You can complete the migration by paying them to upload your PST files to Azure Storage. You should follow this method when there are bandwidth issues. 

  1. Use Office 365 Migrating Tools

Having specialized migration software can assist you in migrating Outlook PST files that are 50 GB. Such tools can assist you in moving OST and PST files from various systems directly into the mailboxes of Microsoft 365.


Migrating PST files is free, but due to the complex process, not everyone can understand the migration. Hence go for an effective method if you want to migrate PST files like PSTComplete as it will assist you in reducing risk and facilitate eDiscovery. Go through the guide to know about migration PST files.

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