An Expert Guide to Cheap Mobile Phone Plans

An Expert Guide to Cheap Mobile Phone Plans

Finding a cheap mobile phone plan requires a bit of research and some luck. Some people land on a good promotion that lasts several months and just before the promotion ends, they cancel their mobile phone plan contract. However, most people have to find their own ways to scoring a cheap mobile phone plan. However, the term ‘cheap’ is relative, since to some people it means cheaper cost per unit of minutes or data, whereas to others, it means cheaper roaming costs without any hidden charges. To get a cheap mobile phone plans, you should consider all these plus the following. 

Figure out What ‘Cheap’ Means to You

As stated, the term’ cheap’ means something different to different people. However, we can all agree that cheaper unit costs for minutes and data eventually leads to cheaper payments irrespective of the mobile phone plan you are on. Therefore, to get mobile cheap plans, you need to fully understand how mobile carrier networks make money, and where you can find a good deal. There is a reason roaming charges still exist and this is because carrier networks make a lot of money from them. Therefore, to have a cheap mobile phone plan means you need to figure out a way to reduce your roaming charges. 

How to Reduce Roaming Charges

One trick most travelers use to reduce roaming charges is to select international carrier networks over local ones just before they travel. However, to do this, you need some flexibility, such as you need an unlocked phone that doesn’t restrict your use when traveling. An unlocked phone will allow you to get on a sim-only service with an international carrier which will likely have roaming agreements with a local network. For example, when traveling to Australia, first search for mobile plans Australia to find which networks have zero roaming charges. Next see which of these networks have international affiliations and that’s the sim plan you will use.

Understand Your Average Monthly Spend

Since humans are creatures of habit, you need to understand your average use of mobile resources per month before you can enter a new contract. This way, you can set limits on how much you can spend by either limiting your monthly bundles or finding alternatives to help you shift from network based services. One good alternative is finding a reliable WiFi service, which will allow you to shift from network based data to Wifi. If the wifi is shared, the better since you end up spending way less for a service that would have significantly added to your monthly spending on communication. 


Finding a cheap mobile plan is all about research and proper planning. Ensure you have checked on all the alternatives before you settler on a carrier or on a mobile phone plan. Don’t hesitate to ask about unlimited plans since the assumption that they are more expensive is false and you might make quite some savings by investing in a good unlimited mobile phone plan. 

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