Another significant thing to take into account when choosing the top material for your Restaurant tables is the function and aesthetic appeal of the table. For instance, we would only advise placing a good oak table in an orangery if you were prepared to cover it while it wasn’t in use since the light will probably fade the wood.


Solid wood table tops are one of the most common options for dining tables. It’s a fantastic option for individuals searching for a piece of furniture to invest in because it’s both beautiful and durable. Depending on your budget and preferred design, there are many wood varieties to consider when buying a solid wood table.


Oak is a lovely and typically durable wood. Because oak trees require more time to mature, the wood they produce is thick, so with reasonable care, the table will survive for a very long time. You may choose a concrete design because oak is available in various hues and variants. However, stains can over-darken and emphasize the grain to the point that it seems two-toned.


Ash is not only stunning to look at, but it is also highly durable. The wood is usually light brown and has a straight grain, which gives it a neat and appealing appearance. Due to its global availability and tendency to be slightly less expensive than other hardwoods, ash is a cost-effective alternative. Due to the wood’s grain, open holes can occasionally be found on the surface that needs to be filled, and the wood is prone to bending if exposed to dampness for an extended length of time.


Solid beech wood is incredibly robust and long-lasting. The wood’s characteristics make it more resistant to gouge and chipping than certain other types of wood, making it perfect for high-traffic sections of the house like the kitchen or dining room. Additionally, because it is a shock-absorbing wood, it can withstand heavy loads and powerful impacts without harm. Beechwood has a crisp, straight grain that is naturally pale in color and gives it a lovely, consistent feel. Despite its durability, beech is not recommended for outdoor use since it is not weatherproof and cumbersome, making it difficult to transport around the house.


Due to its extremely high oil content, teak wood is highly weather resistant. This makes it an excellent choice for outdoor furniture. Due to its inherent qualities, wood is also resistant to heat and light, making it ideal for dining table surfaces. When newly cut, teak has a tawny golden tone with dark brown and gold streaks. This shade gradually becomes lighter as it dries, giving it a distinctive aged appearance. Regarding solid wood table tops, teak is a very durable alternative. Still, it also tends to have one of the higher price tags, making it unsuitable for individuals on a tight budget.


Mango wood is sturdy and incredibly durable and is classified as a hardwood due to its rich grain structure. The wood’s natural hue is often golden brown. However, some specific variants have a brighter yellow tinge or contain streaks of black or pink. It is also very sustainable since mango trees mature rapidly for hardwood, making it simple to replace them and establishing a sustainable cycle of plantation and harvest. Although mango wood is quite resilient, it may also be vulnerable to fungal assaults. So it’s essential to use wood with a wax finish. Dry weather makes the wood more susceptible to dehydration when exposed to heat sources or the sun, which increases the likelihood of cracks developing.

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