LED Light Therapy: What You Need To Know

LED Light Therapy: What You Need To Know

LED light therapy is a skin care treatment that uses varying wavelengths to help address different skin conditions and problems, like fine lines, acne, and wound healing. This light therapy comes in various types and colors, such as yellow, red, green, blue, and purple LED treatments. LED light doesn’t have ultraviolet rays, so it’s safe for regular use for all skin types and tones. Here is what you need to know about LED therapy:

What Is LED Light Therapy?

LED light therapy helps treat acne, promotes anti-aging effects, and reduces inflammation. The LED light treatments use infrared light, and the wavelengths enter the skin at varying depths to stimulate various cellular targets to repair the skin. LED light alters the skin cells’ activity, and the treatment outcomes can depend on the color of light used. 

This treatment can be used on any body part but is most commonly used on the face. The skin on the face is more prone to damage since it’s more exposed to weather elements than any other body part. LED therapy is also popularly used on the chest and neck because these areas can show signs of aging, like wrinkles, sun spots, and sagging skin. Several LED treatments may be needed depending on the client’s desired results. 

Types of LED Light

When red LED light is used, the epidermis absorbs the light applied to the skin to stimulate collagen proteins. More collagen helps the skin appear fuller and smoother, reducing wrinkles and fine lines. Blue LED light helps reduce the activity of sebaceous oil glands. Sebaceous glands help to lubricate the skin and prevent it from drying out. If these glands become overactive, they can lead to oily skin and acne. 

Yellow LED light procedures are ideal after treatment for injectables or laser procedures, as they can help speed up recovery. The yellow light can penetrate deeper into the skin to help fade fine lines. Purple LED lighthelps to increase cell regeneration, reducing the appearance of acne scars. This treatment is also helpful for reducing facial inflammation and redness.

What To Expect During LED Light Treatment

This non-invasive skin care treatment is a simple procedure that requires some preparation beforehand. Avoid chemical peels for several days before LED treatment. You can continue your daily skincare routine as usual for the days leading up to your treatment. Before treatment, your skin should be clean and free of makeup.

During the LED treatment, you’ll wear protective glasses or goggles to prevent the light from damaging your eyes. The LED light is then placed above the body part receiving treatment. Some providers use handheld LED light wands, while others may ask you to lie directly under the lights. You may feel some warmth but should not feel any pain, as the light does not cause skin abrasions or burns. 

Find a Reliable Esthetician for LED Light Therapy

Schedule an LED light therapy session with a licensed esthetician to increase your chances of a safe and effective treatment. Choose a provider who has many years of experience and tailors their treatment approach to your skin’s needs. The right LED light specialist will answer your questions and concerns and help your skin appear healthier, younger, and smoother.

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