lifted miata

Lifted Miata: A Unique Spin on a Classic Roadster


The Mazda Miata, also known as the MX-5, has long been celebrated for its lightweight design and exhilarating open-top driving experience. Enthusiasts have found various ways to customize this iconic roadster, one of which is transforming it into a lifted Miata. This modification involves increasing the vehicle’s ride height, often turning it into a surprisingly capable off-road adventurer.

What is a Lifted Miata?

A lifted Miata is a modification of the standard Mazda MX-5. This change involves altering the suspension system to raise the car’s body, providing greater ground clearance and often a distinctly rugged look. Lifting a Miata is not just for aesthetics; it can significantly enhance the car’s off-road capabilities, allowing it to tackle rougher terrains that would typically be off-limits to a standard roadster.

lifted miata

Why Choose a Lifted Miata?

Enhanced Off-Road Ability: With increased ground clearance, a lifted Miata can navigate through tougher terrains, making it suitable for light off-roading adventures.

Unique Aesthetics: A lifted Miata stands out. It’s not something you see every day and can turn heads with its unusual but intriguing appearance.

Versatility: By lifting a Miata, owners enjoy the classic roadster experience and an occasional off-road thrill, making it a versatile choice for many.

Customizing Your Lifted Miata

When lifting a Miata, several considerations must be taken into account, such as the type of lift kit, the impact on handling and suspension, and ensuring that the vehicle remains safe and reliable. Common modifications alongside lifting include upgrading tires to larger, more robust options suitable for off-road conditions and enhancing the suspension for better performance and comfort.

Maintenance and Considerations

Maintaining a lifted Miata requires attention to detail. The increased wear on suspension components and the potential for alignment issues means regular check-ups are crucial. Additionally, while a lifted Miata can handle rougher terrain than its standard counterpart, it’s essential to recognize its limitations compared to traditional off-road vehicles.


The lifted Miata is a testament to the versatility and enduring popularity of the MX-5. By elevating the car both literally and figuratively, enthusiasts can enjoy a unique driving experience that combines the joy of open-top roadster cruising with the thrill of off-road exploration. Whether for aesthetic pleasure or the desire for a capable and compact off-roader, a lifted Miata offers an exciting twist on a classic favorite.


What is a lifted Miata?

A lifted Miata is a Mazda MX-5 that has been modified to increase its ground clearance and off-road capabilities.

Why would someone lift a Miata?

Individuals lift Miatas for enhanced off-road ability, unique aesthetics, and increased versatility in driving conditions.

Is lifting a Miata expensive?

The cost can vary widely depending on the lift kit’s quality, additional modifications, and whether professional installation is used. It’s an investment in both money and time.

Does lifting a Miata affect its on-road performance?

Yes, lifting a vehicle changes its center of gravity and can affect handling and stability. It’s essential to consider these changes and possibly adjust driving style accordingly.

Can I lift my Miata myself?

While some enthusiasts undertake this project themselves, it requires mechanical skill, proper tools, and an understanding of the vehicle’s suspension and safety implications. Novices should consider professional installation.

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