Dress to Impress: What Should you Wear?

Dress to Impress: What Should you Wear?

Dress to Impress: What Should you Wear?

There is no doubt in admitting the fact that fashion has come a long way. However, if we go back in time, we will see that the fashion statement in those times was much more straightforward. People used to make clothes out of anything they would see. Isn’t it ironic how we look for original and pure leather nowadays and how expensive it is to possess one, compared to the previous times when there was the only option of pure leather? Isn’t it ironic how from being everyday wear, leather has now become a luxury that only a handful of people can possess? The funny part is that not even the word “luxury” was discovered then. Quite the jump we have taken, haven’t we? 

However, if we look at it today, clothes are not just a need that an individual has to own but also a desire driving most of us today. So, to make it more authentic, fashion has taken the place of a need. Clothes are not just there to cover our bare bodies anymore; they are also there to make us look good and to have recognition in the society. But the question still arises, “Where to look for such clothes that will make us look as fabulous as possible?” Well, Markhor Wear has got you covered in this area. You can find some of the best cocktail & party dresses here. 

Nonetheless, for now, let’s take a look at some of the best attires that will turn heads. If you’re going to do it, do it the right way. Dress to impress, right? So, let’s jump right in. 

Cocktail & Party Dresses for Ladies

Attire 1 (The Casual Look) 

Imagine it’s a sunny day, you’re getting late for work, and there’s no time to decide what to wear. Horrifying, right? But then you get up from your bed and reach into your closet, and you find a nice white T-shirt and a pair of boyfriend jeans. Well, it’s not much, but it will do the trick for a casual work day. Hopping on a lovely white T-shirt with a pair of boyfriend jeans and white sneakers will make you look amazing and give you the comfort of your life. Nonetheless, if people don’t turn their heads on how good you look, at least they will turn their heads to see how comfortable you are with your attire. So, this outfit is not only quite stylish to look at but also provides all the good vibes you need. 

Attire 2 (The Formal Look) 

A Sheath Dress is perfect for you; if you work in an office with a dress code of always being in formal attire, then a Sheath dress is perfect for you. Furthermore, it is a kind of dress that is pretty much hugging your body, indicating that it is quite astonishing in terms of fitting. When we talk about the length of this dress, it comes in many lengths. Ranging from above the knee to ankle length, this dress has it all. So, if you’re worried about which dress would give you the kind of formal look you want with a touch of style, a Sheath Dress is perfect for you. 

Attire 3 (All in one) 

Now, sometimes when you’re invited to an occasion, you don’t know what the theme or the tone of the occasion is, and asking about it, again and again, gets a little uncomfortable. So, what should you do then? Not attend at all or make a poor choice in terms of clothes and look all naive? To be honest, both of the options are pretty brainless. If you don’t know the theme and tone of an occasion, then you should definitely go for something that has a mixture of casual and formal. Well, a Midi Dress would do the trick. With a wide variety of sleeve lengths and different necklines, one can say that a Midi Dress has it all. Whether you want to pull off a casual look or whether you’re looking to go a bit formal, a Midi Dress will give you everything you want. 

Cocktail & Party Dresses for Men 

Attire no 1 (Casual boy look) 

Now, when it comes to a casual look for a man, there can be many options, and choosing from such a variety can be difficult. However, there is an attire that has never gone out of style, and chances are that it probably will never. Yes, that’s right! You guessed it—a plain black T-shirt with a pair of blue denim jeans and sneakers. Isn’t this the most common and the most comfortable outfit a guy can choose to go with? Indeed, it is. Wear it to a party or a fun night with friends; this attire will always be the standard when it comes to fashion. 

Attire no 2 (Formal Look) 

No man in the world doesn’t like wearing a suit. Period. If there is, he should get himself checked. Jokes apart, a suit does give you eyeballs when you go out in it. A suit brings out a man’s most attractive and elegant look. Giving that classy vibe, almost every man pulls it off unimaginably. A suit comes in many colors and sizes. Choosing what looks best on you and flaunting a dashing look significantly upgrade your overall personality. 

Attire no 3 (2 in one) 

Ever wonder why you sometimes want to pull off a look that is not too casual and not too formal simultaneously? If you have wondered, you’re at the right place. There is one outfit that can fulfill that desire of yours. A nice pair of sneakers or boots with some trendy jeans or cotton pants, a casual T-shirt, and a blazer of your choice go a long way in that area. Not only does it give you the comfort of a simple essence, but also the style and charisma of formal attire. So, wear it at a party or a hangout with friends; this attire offers you both. The comfort of a casual look and the elegance of a formal one. 

When it comes to options, there can be many for both genders. However, we have only discussed the most famous ones. So, make your pick and have a go at these cocktail & party dresses available at Markhor wear.

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