Tips on Choosing a Stylish Women's Swimwear

Tips on Choosing a Stylish Women’s Swimwear

Tips on Choosing a Stylish Women’s Swimwear

Are you prepping your summer wardrobe? Don’t forget swimwear. Then again, swimwear’s become a no-brainer when summer hits. Especially for the water, sand, sun, or all together for your bathing plans outside, the swimwear comes as the prime need. Choosing stylish women’s swimwear in this age of overabundance can be overly exhausting. This current epoch demands nothing but style and glams from your outfits. And that only leads to one clear point: simple and ordinary swimwear won’t be enough.

However, to be on the frontline on the fashion runway, you need chic swimwear to level up your style game. So, the next time you go shopping for swimwear, make sure to follow our tips to scale up your summer wardrobe collection.

From what we can tell, every woman is gifted with a unique figure. That means not every stylish bikini is for her, although many intricate details must be solved before making a women’s swimwear purchase. Of course, that’s how it works in the fashion arena. Here comes tips for her to choose the most flattering bikini/swimwear/bathing suit.

Determine Your Figure and Body Shape

Unless you know your body shape and figure, you might as well never find out what suits you best. Arguably, that fact is true for many scenarios – not to mention it’s one of those phases many whizzes put so much emphasis on. Key to Beyond? Know Yourself! For choosing the most flattering swimwear, know your figure and body shape.

More importantly, don’t ever compare; if something looks good on your friends or any random women you see, it doesn’t mean it’ll surely look good on you – snap out of it. Clearly, you have a different body shape than them. So, the key to looking chic and remarkable in swimwear is knowing your body shape and what kind of swimwear compliments it.

Different Body Shapes

Pear Shape. An upward triangle shape is known as a pear shape – a larger hip, tiny waist, and small bust. The pear shape is like an “A shape” – downward V.

Apple Shape. In the case of Apple or V Shape, it depicts a downward triangle – like a pyramid. Apple shaped bodies tend to have smaller legs and wider bust and abdominal.

Hourglass Shape. This shape is more like an “X” shaped body, having larger and the same bust and waist sizes – smaller at the mid-section.

Straight Shape. Straight bodies are equal in size from top to bottom – the same bust, waist, and hip size.

Considering all those shapes above, now you understand they don’t necessarily fit and shine in the same designed swimwear. Hence, each shape needs an alternative size and design to look fashion forward and match their body vibe. So, now the question remains – what type of swimwear fits and compliments your body shape?

Tips To Choose Swimwear for Your Body Shape

If you have a small bust, dig frills, ruffles, or draping over the bust to add weight to balance your figure. In addition, go for the following when you have a small bust:

  • Arranged Tops with Padding/Lining
  • Old-Fashioned One-piece Swimsuit
  • Sporty Swimsuit with Slices/Cuts

In case you have a large bust, think of halter necks for a pin-up look. However, more options to look for are:

  • Cupped Underwire Bikini with Fuller Cups
  • Simple and Sleek designs
  • Frill or Peplum at The Hip Segment

Decide on straight-bottom wear when you have bigger hips. Swimwear designs for bigger hips:

  • Full Covering Bottom Wear – Avoid Cuts
  • Darker Bottom Wear and Lighter Tops

Pear/Triangle/A Shape

Pear Shaped bodies become favorably attractive when you wear controlled outfits. By controlled, we mean wearing covered outfits with strong straps for an excellent hold. Higher cuts will do fine; it stretches your legs, slimming you down for a sharp look at the beach. In the same way, a two-piece bikini with a brightening top is chic and sustainable for a pear shape body.

Having that large hip means diverting attention to the top for a pear shape body. You can also go for darker shades at the bottom and lighter shades at the top. However, don’t forget to add weight to your bust section with pleats, ruffles, or nice patterns.

Straight/Rectangle Shape

For a straight shape body, add attractive volume to your bust, waist, and hip. Donning alike ensures an hourglass body shape, which is the most attractive shape in women. You must feature your straight shape, however, curvy. To that end, look for a soft cup bra and fitting waist bikini pieces/piece. Aim for solid bold colors along with a reducing neckline portion for a subtle and fitting look.

To spice things up or spice your straight body, Halternecks. From pear to Apple shape bodies, halterneck swimwear is an ideal choice. You can’t simply go wrong with choosing halterneck delight as it gives balance and that chic beach look you’ve been long searching for. Apart from that, go with frills, ruffles, and upbeat patterns to add curves and shine to the straight shape.

Apple/Circular/Round Shape

Crossover women’s swimwear contributes chicness to an apple shape body. If you’re blessed with an apple shape body, then look for high-cut legs and a low-cut neckline to add balance to the shape – an attractive allure. The high and low cuts will shift the attention from your midsection to the upper and lower portions.

In addition, go with darker shades and prints to add the right detailing to the body shape. To display a sophisticated beachside look, drape over a nice-looking (maybe printed) long cardigan swimwear cover-up. Make the look more enjoyable with a bowler hat on top.

For an hourglass body shape, pull on any Women’s Swimwear.

In Closing

Now that you made it to the end, you clearly understand that – when it comes to choosing a stylish woman’s swimwear, everything comes down to your body shape. If you find the right fit and style that favorably compliments your shape, there lies all the attention you want. Despite the hottest woman’s swimwear, it’s no good unless it fits your figure. So, the bottom line is knowing your figure and buying apt statement swimwear pieces.

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